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Why is it important for you to know about TMR if you use packaged milk?

Friday, October 14, 2022
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Like humans, cows do need proper nutrition rather than just straw for optimum growth, reproduction, and milk production. That’s why, we at Binsar Farms, use TMR or Total Mixed Ratio system to meet the nutritional requirements of our livestock.

Prevalent in developed countries since the 1950s, a TMR is an efficient technique to meet the nutritional requirements of dairy cattle to improve their health as well as performance.

Conventionally, TMR is a blend of chopped green fodder or silage, cereals, protein sources, cereal by-products, vitamins, minerals, and feed additives in a perfect balance to the “ration” or nutritional need of dairy animals.  

At Binsar Farms, the TMR formulation combines the following feeds in the desired manner.

Forages: It includes plant materials such as stems and leaves that are used as fodder for cattle.

Grains: It comprises high-energy cereal grains such as Barley, milo(sorghum), corn (shelled or ear), triticale, oats, rye, and wheat.

Protein feeds: It may include protein-rich sources like corn gluten, whole raw soybeans, and grams among others.

In addition, we feed mineral and vitamin-rich foods and special feed additives to ensure that the dietary requirements of our livestock are met. 

Further, we compile the roughage share of the TMR from crop residues such as paddy straw, wheat straw, and dry sugarcane tops among others that are locally available in abundance. With this, we make our contribution to preventing environmental hazards due to the combustion of crop residues in the fields.

Why do we take care of TMR for our cows?

TMR is an effective dietary management program for dairy cattle to ensure:

  • Better feed intake
  • A stable rumen     environment is maintained 
  • Better digestibility.
  • Minimized feed wastage
  • Better performance in     terms of milk production
  • Better growth and     reproduction

 Further, we can customize it to the lactation stage of the livestock to ensure higherproductivity. To sum up, we offer our clients 100% Natural and 100% Pure milk and dairy products while ensuring the well-being of both the animals and theenvironment.  


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