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Ways cow milk can help boost your immunity

Saturday, January 21, 2023
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What if as an Indian I ask you to imagine just one single day without cow milk? Cow milk is an essential part of our everyday nourishment and has multiple uses in our kitchens. Cow milk is a staple in diets all around the globe and is a rich source of essential nutrients like proteins, Vitamin-D, and calcium. In fact, cow milk is a perfect replacement for a completely balanced meal.Our Indian mothers insist their children on having a glass of milk daily as cow milk incorporates some unique nutrients that cannot be found in any other form of milk. It is an old and trusted form of health drink, which roots back to Ayurveda.

Our Indian mothers insist their children on having a glass of milk daily as cow milk incorporates some unique nutrients that cannot be found in any other form of milk. It is an old and trusted form of health drink, which roots back to Ayurveda

Cow milk is a complete meal :

Cow milk is a complete meal:Cow milk contains all the essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and Vitamin B12, which are required for building a strong immune system. As cow milk is designed to feed newborns, it has an impressive nutritional profile. Below mentioned are the values of the nutrition profile for just one cup (244 grams) of whole cow milk.

Along with the above-mentioned nutritional components, cow milk also provides Vitamin A, thiamine, Zinc, and magnesium. Besides being an excellent source of protein, it also contains a number of fatty acids which include Omega-3s and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which are linked to the reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes. It must be noted that cow milk may vary in content depending on the way they are treated and fed. If the cows are fed on grass and organic feed, their milk contains more antioxidants (like b-carotene, Vitamin E, etc.) while the cows mainly fed on grass may produce milk containing higher amounts of conjugated linoleic acid and omega-3 fatty acid.

The protein content of cow milk:

As we see that the total protein content of cow milk is 8 grams in one cup (244 grams). Proteins are vital for almost every cellular process including cellular repair, growth and development, and regulating the immune system. Cow milk contains all the essential amino acids which are necessary for the body’sfunctions. Cow milk contains casein protein which makes 70-80% of the whole protein content. Along with casein, cow’s milk also contains whey protein which has many branched-chain amino acids like valine, leucine, and isoleucine, which are particularly helpful in providing energy during exercise, muscle gain, and preventing muscle loss.

Lowers the risk of obesity:

Several studies have associated cow milk with preventing weight gain and it is really interesting to note that the effect has been associated with whole milk. A study on 18,000 elderly and middle-aged womenshows that the consumption of more high-fat dairy products leads to a lower risk of obesity and less weight gain. One more study reported a lowered risk of childhood obesity upon higher intake of milk fat. The conjugated linoleic acid is known for its role in the promotion of fat breakdown and boosting weight loss. As high levels of dietary calcium promote fat breakdown and inhibit fat absorption, the intake of dietary calcium reduces the risk of obesity.

Strengthen bones:

Cow milk has a powerful combination of nutrients containing phosphorus, calcium, potassium, VitaminK2, and many vital proteins, therefore, milk has a strong relationship with healthy bones. Around 99% of the body’s calcium is found in the form of teeth and bones. Cow milk, therefore, can be a complete source of essential nutrients for your body which can also prevent osteoporosis.

Versatility as an ingredient:

Along with a number of health benefits, cow milk has an additional advantage in that it can be added tomany dishes and beverages. It can be added to your daily diet in the form of

1. Oatmeal:

2. Smoothies:

3. Coffee:

4. Other dairy products ( like yogurt )

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