Thought Inception - Determined to Give Back to Society
It all began with a visit to Binsar (Uttarakhand). It left a long lasting desire to become a farmer.
2009       |          |         |          |
Coming Together - Earl Joining Hand
The engine was fuelled with Mr. Earl Rattray joining us shoulder to shoulder.
2011       |          |         |          |
Becoming a Farmer with Frugal Innovation- Proof of Concept Farm
It was a time for some frugal innovation. Building sheds of wood for cows, growing crops ourselves was a start.
2012        |          |         |          |
An Auspicious beginning - First Calf
First calf born on the farm was a female one. A new beginning in our journey.
2013        |          |         |          |
Changing Landscape
From wooden roof to metal one's, our cows needed more playground.
2013        |          |         |          |
Delivering first 7 Bottles of milk
Though not planned, we obliged to the request of our neighborhood TDI community & shared the goodness of our milk for the first time.
2013        |          |         |          |
Farming at Full Scale
When you see the seeds budding in full scale, you have seen farming in its entirety.
2014        |          |         |          |
Starting a Dialogue - IFCN Engagement Binsar Farms for the first time began to engage with global farmers for knowledge exchange.
2015        |          |         |          |
Participation Binsar actively participates in 'Indian New Zealand Business Council', which strives to build trade relationships between the 2 countries.
Sharing the stage with Former New Zealand Prime Minister John Key.
2016        |          |         |          |
Sharing our learning- CII forum
Binsar Farms presenting the case before fellow farmers on how to improve farmer’s income by focusing on Quality production
2016        |          |         |          |
First Interview to a National Television Channel (DD)
Connecting with farmers through ‘Krishi Darshan’.
2016        |          |         |          |
PHD farm to fork
Presenting the case of building a farm to home network for delivering fresh milk.
2016        |          |         |          |
2nd Agri Leadership Summit     
Utilizing every opportunity to share our learning with fellow farmers.
2017        |          |         |          |
Food Safety Award – Commitment to Good Farming Practices
FSSAI Chairman, Mr Ashish Bahuguna presenting us with the commendation certificate.
2017        |          |         |          |
Representing Indian Farmers - GDFC Representing India in aglobal forum once again. Binsar is bestowed with a responsibility to be an ambassador of GDA for Indian dairy farmers.
2017        |          |         |          |
3rd Agri-Leadership Summit
On being selected as one of the 5 best Agri ventures in Haryana. Receiving the award from Hon’ble Minister Nitin Gadkari.
2018        |          |         |          |
Agro World 2018
Sharing Stage with Industry leaders at International Conference on Dairy.
2018        |          |         |          |
Founding TeamBinsar CommunitySocial InitiativesBinsar Journey

Founding Team

L-R: Deepak Raj, Sukhvinder Saraf, Earl Rattray, Pankaj Navani

Defying boundaries, one passion united them all to inscribe the story of Binsar Farms. It is the story of 3 Indian engineers and a New Zealand Dairy veteran, aspiring to set a new benchmark in Indian agriculture.

Pankaj, Sukhvinder & Deepak share a common passion to uplift farmer status in India. They strongly believe that ‘Farming’ has to be recognised as a commercial enterprise. The trio first began testing the idea of forming village level co-operative to source lentils, fruits, grains from the hills of Uttarakhand. Though the idea did not take full shape, opportunities were waiting to be explored. It was when Earl teamed up, Binsar Farms began to become a reality from an idea.

Binsar Farms was meant to become a resource-center that is committed to farms and farmers.

The team chose to get on the ground to understand every aspect of farming, right from sowing seeds to rearing cows. Things had to be newly bench-marked to lead and build credibility amongst farmers.

As engineers, ability to deconstruct things and optimising it came easy. Recording & measuring data around cows became a routine and soon challenges were no more daunting.

Today, Binsar Farms has more than 2 million data point to characterize cattle and decode profitable milk production at farm level.

Raising the bar for Quality was the prime focus. The team started working with fellow farmers to grow fresh greens for the cattle year around. This provided two benefits; one, the farmers had a stable income; second, fresh greens became available for the cattle year around.

The team soon started 'Farm-Assist program', which assists farmers with technologies and expertise.

Binsar-Farms today is widely recognised for its Farm Fresh milk. More & more consumers have accepted our quality, thus encouraging fellow farmers to adopt Binsar Farms’ quality milk production practices. The team is also working with Indian and NZ food safety labs for establishing process to achieve international standards in Indian environment and farming scenarios.
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