Farmers connect environment and people together with the food that they produce from Soil, Plants and Animals. They have a critical role to play in the overall health regime of a family, community and even country. In India we face challenges of implementation of extended farming programmes due to our fragmented farming base. Still, lot can be achieved by putting a leadership step by adopting framework and moving forward in the direction of One Health view (environment, animal health, food safety). Binsar Farms is determined be an leading actor to begin with scientific, and ethical responsibility in food supply. Health-oriented innovation is complex and subject to multiple variables. Through field activities in Binsar Farms, we explored individual components of the dairy farm system to overcome concrete challenges for the application of translational science in real life and (veterinary) public health. Based on an HACCP-like approach in animal production, the farm characterization focused on points of particular attention (POPAs) and critical control points to draw a farm management decision tree under the One Health view (environment, animal health, food safety). Binsar Farms analysis based on the integrated use of checklists (environment; agricultural and zootechnical practices; animal health and welfare) and laboratory analyses of well water, feed and silage, individual fecal samples, and bulk milk all put together provide a One Heath picture.

Human health, animal health and ecosystems are inextricably linked.

The understanding of complex systems is a condition to accomplish true interdisciplinary approach supported by Data Analytics. At Binsar believe that BEST is a detection of anomalies and be proactive about our actions. Continuous monitoring system build basis of production security, quality and safety. Today Binsar demonstrated that The HACCP-like self-monitoring in primary production is feasible, as well as the biomonitoring of live food producing animals as sentinel population for One Health.
At Binsar Farms, management takes care of its people and animals, healthy work environment with all relevant resources result in happy cows. Cows get fodder from own captive fields, they are free on farm and get quality feed 24/7 X 365 days, they produce milk that is full of nutrition and essential elements, otherwise missing from tied stalls with limited supply of green.
Harvested through clean milking parlour milk reached to VAT, Within next 2hrs it gets chilled to 4 Celsius. It get tested for quality and once tested OK, milk get pasteurised and stored in VAT where it stay next 2-3 hrs before get packed in the batches ready to shipped to you through overnight transports so that you get fresh pasteurised milk in next morning, within 12-16 hrs of milking.
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Our pursuit is to bring you the taste of real milk like those good old days in its 'Pure' form !
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