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Saturday, September 15, 2018
Founders with a vision

Many of us still have fresh memories of plucking fruits & vegetables straight from a nearby field or from a backyard farm. Nothing can match the taste of biting into a fresh fruit. With rapid urbanisation, our backyards have grown smaller to become parking lots & fields have moved far from our homes.

Busy lifestyles got us into the world of processed foods, where freshness of a product is largely ignored. Children today are growing on sandwiches, cereals & other processed foods. If you have missed to notice, children today hardly know the origin of the food, which is on their plate.

Benefits of fresh produce cannot be replicated or replaced. With increase in technology, artificially fortifying nutrients & minerals into our food is possible only to conform to minimum nutrition standards of a product but when you have a choice of natural produce, you should look nowhere else.

With improving road connectivity & easily accessible cold storage solutions, farmers are able to make the fresh produce available to the consumers on daily basis.

Some of the benefits of eating fresh produce are

1. Eating fresh produce will keep you away from eating products, which has preservatives or dyes that are used to increase shelf life.

2. Any produce loses its nutritional value over time, so to gain maximum nutrition; you need to consume it when it is fresh.

3. Fresh produce tastes better, this means your children will love to have nutritious food.

Though we have mentioned few good benefits of farm fresh produce, you should remember to ask few questions when opting for farm fresh produce. Any fresh produce retains its value if it harvested hygienically otherwise exposure to bacteria & inadequate cold supply chain will deteriorate the value of even fresh produce.

So chose wisely; ask questions and yes; thrive healthily!

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