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What Happens If You Consume Milk Every Day

Sunday, July 10, 2022
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Milk, the nutrient-rich white liquid is the first food for the new-born, since then, it becomes an essential part of the diet. Milk is valued as a complete food, which means it supplies all the key nutrients that make up a balanced meal including proteins, fats, and carbs along with vitamins and minerals. The benefits of drinking milk have been vouched for since we were children, but the narrative of consuming milk and its benefits have started to change for few years now. For millions of people in India milk is a significant portion of their daily nutritional need while some research studies have disputed the need for a dairy-based diet. India is currently the largest producer of milk globally, yet millions of Indians are devoid of high-quality milk and thereby failing to meet their daily nutritional needs.

Here are few myths about drinking milk:

  • Milk should be judged by Fat content: This is one of the biggest myth most of us in India live with. Milk fat is the first visible/measurable content in the milk as soon as you boil, but it is not the only nutrient. Infact fat is required only upto the age of 13 until human brain is fully developed, it is actually protein which is required for tissue and muscular growth at every stage of life, be it infant, toddler, teen, pregnant/nursing mother, women in 40s or our elderly parents. Hence consuming milk with Preserved protein is very important. In addition milk, a complete food is packed with vitamins A, B, D. Also contains vital minerals like calcium, iodine, potassium, and phosphorus.
  • You should have milk first thing in the morning: While milk is great for breakfast as it gives you the essential nutrients right at the start of the day, drinking it on an empty stomach may not be the best thing. You should avoid it if you suffer from poor digestion and gastric issues. "You should always start with something light that has a cleansing effect on your system. Chaach or other probiotic versions like curd and yogurt are much easier to start the day.
  • You should drink two glasses of milk every day: While dairy is an essential part of a balanced diet, it can be added in any form like paneer or yogurt. Therefore, milk becomes a dietary choice and not a nutritional requirement. The idea is to fulfill your daily needs of calcium and protein and you can choose from any of the healthy dairy sources.
  • Drinking milk causes bloating: While this may be true for people who are lactose intolerant, in general milk may not cause bloating or gas but having it in combination with certain foods may. You can add spices like cinnamon and turmeric for better availability of milk's protein to the body. If you feel bloated, try having it with a bowl of cereal or have it lightly brewed with tea leaves and Tulsi.
  • Consuming milk can lead to weight gain: Few research studies have led us to believe that consumption of milk aids to weight gain. There is currently no conclusive study to prove the fact that plain milk is a significant contributor to obesity. A glass of plain milk contains natural sugars. You don’t need to add sugar to make it sweet or drinkable for kids. Milk is a complete food in itself and in fact, helps our bodies control hunger pangs which is important to prevent weight gain.

With the abundance of information and misrepresentation available on the internet at the same time, people are somewhat confused about what to consume for building healthy body and what not to. Should you give up the idea of consuming a tall glass of white milk that you have been conditioned to drink since you were in diapers, or should you perform your own research to see what benefits milk can provide you if you take it every day? The dilemma is real, but Binsar Farms is here to clean the air and tell you what happens to your body if you consume milk every day:

A. You Receive A Lot of High-Quality Protein
Consuming milk is a great way to increase your protein intake. A cup of milk contains 7.7 grams of protein, out of which 80 percent is casein, and 20 percent is whey. As they are easy to digest and include all the necessary amino acids, it is a complete protein that is often used in protein powders and supplements.

B. You Will Protect The Health of Your Bone
Milk is not only confined to kids. It protects the health of your bones at any age. There is a belief that bones do not change once we have reached adulthood, but they are actually dynamic tissues that are constantly building. However, the rate at which the bone is broken down outpaces the rate at which new bone is formed. A cup of milk contains 276-299 mg, depending on the fat content, and it is also fortified with Vitamin D, which is necessary for bone development and remodeling.

C. Reduce The Risk of Type-2 Diabetes
According to the research, protein in milk can reduce a few metabolic dysfunctions both directly or indirectly, and as we already mentioned, milk contains casein and whey, which are responsible for increased insulin production. The protein content in milk also increases exercise performance and controls the appetite, which may contribute to weight loss.

D. Your Blood Pressure May Improve
Hypertension (high blood pressure) is a massive problem amongst people and contributes to a heart attack or stroke, impacting the lives of thousands of people. There is a significant focus on decreasing salt intake to aid hypertension. Consuming milk can be reasonably helpful owing to its mineral content. According to Staci Nix Mcintosh, an assistant professor at the University of Utah, "Calcium, magnesium, and potassium, in particular, are nutrients that help lower, or maintain, a low blood pressure."

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