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Founders with a vision!

Srikanth Thakkolam
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Founders with a vision

Hon. Minister Arun Jaitely in 2017 during the Agriculture budget session used a definite statement which defines the entire journey of Binsar Farms, “Agriculture should be recognised as an enterprise.” We hope the story of Binsar Farms will inspire everyone to look at agriculture as an enterprise.

We envision transforming Indian farming into a commercially attractive and environment friendly enterprise. We believe that as long as we are striving to deliver world-class products to Indian consumers, the closer we are moving towards the vision. Binsar Farms is a drop in the ocean today, but the day when all the stakeholders of Indian farming looks at farming as a social & a commercial venture, we have realised our vision.

The founders of Binsar Farms come from humble backgrounds. Establishing a Social venture was a shared dream among the 3 Indian founders. This shared dream turned them into farmers. Joining hands was a New Zealand farmer who saw the potential in the vision of these three Indian engineers.

The farming community around did not readily accept the inception of Binsar Farms, they mistook our passion as stunt. As the journey began, we failed many times; failed in rearing our first herd of cows, failed to see the first crop to grow in full size but being a farmer was a responsibility. We can accept failure as an entrepreneur, but as a farmer, we had to succeed.

Though Binsar Farms began as a social venture, where our aim was to build a model farm which can infuse technology into traditional farming. Gradually, we realised that, even a social venture cannot sustain without commerce.

As the organisation began to take shape, we realised that vertically integrating every touch point is necessary to develop an International quality product. We fondly recollect how we began to supply our first 7 bottles of milk to nearby residents. Today we dispatch 6000 bottles everyday directly to home. That’s the acceptance we received from the residents of Delhi NCR.

People have started to accept farm fresh milk as a necessity and are not seeing it as a luxury. Acceptance of quality products will encourage more farmers to join the bandwagon. Consumer’s way of making choices will play an important role in creating a ripple effect to transform farming one day.

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