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Technology is the way of life!

Pankaj Navani
Thursday, September 27, 2018
Founders with a vision

Bill Gates famously said, “We’re changing the world with technology.”

Technology has definitely made our life easy, and now we cannot re-imagine a world without technology. At Binsar it has become the way of life.

To ensure the milk harvested remains of the highest quality, deploying right technology at the right place is important. At Binsar, the cows are milked with the help of milking parlour. Though this automatic milking technology is from a Swedish company, we have indigenously designed the stalling on the milking parlour to bring down the costs for future farmer adoption.

Along with this, Binsar also developed milk filling & bottle cleaning automation with local fabricators. Due to these technology interventions, the post harvesting handling of milk is done without human touch at all.

If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it

In Dairy farming, deploying the culture of measuring was a necessary step. During the initial days we lost 3 heifers and this left us thinking about the uncertainty of various aspects of farming. We began to record & measure everything about our cows. Measuring the changes such as weight of the cows, gave us lot of insights about cow rearing. The biggest control we gained by measuring is identifying disease symptoms & taking precautionary measures.This helped reduce the mortality rate.

We started mapping effectiveness of various seasonal fodder on cows and their nutrition needs at different growth levels. This helped us classify the cows & control their nutrition regime. Today, we have gathered around 20,00,000 data points to analyse various correlations.This we believe will help fellow farmers to optimise their resources and do the farming the right way.

With advent of IOT & cheaper technology tools, we hope to see technology playing a significant role in the growth of Dairy Industry.

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