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Role of Technology in Improving Milk Quality

Monday, November 21, 2022
Founders with a vision

Dairy farming in India has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years, thanks to technology-driven solutions, facilities, and products. From automated milking and ensuring parameters-based quality control mechanisms to automatic dairy plant operation, dairy farming is no less than any other technology-driven industry in India.

Hereare some areas wherein technology has revolutionized the dairy sector likenever before.

Freshnessand Quality Control: Milk iseasily perishable, which is attributed to the huge population of bacteriapresent in milk. Therefore, pasteurization is an important procedure to improvemilk safety and its shelf life. However, the efficacy of pasteurization dependson how well a milk producer uses this technique to ensure the purity and safetyquotient of milk. 

AtBinsar Farms, milk is produced in a completely automated “Milk Parlor” wheremilk never sees light or gets in touch with the environment. 

Itlands directly in Bulk Milk Chiller where it is chilled immediately at 4°C andpasteurized at an appropriate temperature of around 73°C so that good bacteriaare not killed and the milk proteins are not lost during the process. 

Further,all cleaning of major equipment and pipelines happens through in placeautomatic cleaning system. All detergents used in the process are of foodgrade, again cleaning technology comes directly from a Swedish company. 

All these technology-enabled systems allow Binsar Farms to produce a 100% Natural100% Pure range of cow milk and other dairy products including A2 cow milk, desi ghee, and organic milk among other products. 

E-commerce Marketplace: Gone are the days when you have to stand in queues at your local dairy farm or wait for your milk man to deliver milk at his convenience. Technology-enabled e-commerce market place has allowed milk producers to receive milk orders on the app-based systems and deliver them within the stipulated time frame. 

While many brands make doorstep delivery of milk and milk products, Binsar Farms is a trusted dairy farm that has an edge over its peers in terms of traceability and ability to deliver 100% Natural 100% Pure milk.

To order farm fresh milk from a trusted dairy farm you can download our app orvisit our website.


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