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Little but important things that a few like Binsar Farms follows

Friday, October 21, 2022
Founders with a vision

India holds the no. 1 rank in milk production, contributing to around 23 percent of global milk production. So while you can take pride in being the largest milk producer in the world, have you ever thought of certain vital aspects related to milk that comes to your home? 

Shouldn’t you know about the source of your milk or if contains the nutrients that it is supposed to contain or if it is produced from healthy livestock or if optimum quality standards are maintained during milking and processing?

While other milk brands or producers may not entertain your inquiries, Binsar Farms encourages and satisfies any queries concerning the quality of its dairy products.

Let’s checkout the five USPs of Binsar Farms that make us fulfill our promise of delivering 100% Natural and 100% Pure milk.


Trace ability refers to a situation when you can track the movement of milk from production level to consumption. At Binsar Farms, we offer complete traceability from producing milk from cows at our controlled farms and our ability to maintain optimum quality standards to prevent contamination and loss of hygiene. 

Further, we have our dedicated supply chain to deliver the dairy products direct to the home ensuring enhanced food safety, nutrition preservation, and reduced wastage.

1.   Natural Dwelling for  Livestock

Binsar Farms has its farms in the natural surroundings of Sonipat, where we rear our cows. This helps us decrease toxin exposure to our livestock, thereby ensuring the purity and safety of milk and related dairy products.  

2.  Binsar Farms knows the importance of Nutrition

Binsar Farms is very particular about what our livestock eat. We use the TMR strategy to feed our cows which ensures the livestock optimum combination of nutrients for healthy growth and increased milk production.

3.  Cow Care at Binsar Farms

Cows get humanly treatment at Binsar Farms. From daily showers, regular health check-ups, and comfortable dwelling conditions to nutritious fodder, we leave no stone unturned to ensure our customers receive 100% Natural and 100% Pure milk and dairy products.

4.  Automated Milking and Contactless Processing

At Binsar Farms, we adopt automated milking to prevent exposure to environmental bacteria. Further, we have ‘Milk Parlors’, a system where milk never sees light or gets in touch with the environment.

Overall, Binsar Farms is one of the few milk producers that offer complete transparency throughout their operations and maintain optimum quality standards to meet our commitment to supplying 100% Natural and 100% Pure milk.

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