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Intake of milk and dairy products may help promote sleep quality

Friday, September 16, 2022
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A nutrient-dense food, milk contains most of thevital nutrients required for the growth and development of our body, includingcalcium, protein, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin D, riboflavin, phosphorus,and potassium. This composition of nutrients makes milk an important componentof a balanced diet for the numerous benefits they offer.

In the list of many benefits offered by milk, here’sone for you that you might have heard from your grandparents but were lookingfor a piece of scientific evidence for the same. 

So, let us tell you consuming milk and other dairyproducts may actually improve your sleep quality. Here’s the evidence:

How milk can help you sleepwell?

Now it’s scientifically proven that the intake ofmilk and dairy products may help promote good sleep quality, thereby causing apositive effect on your physical and mental health. The study suggests thatpeople who drink milk regularly find it easy to fall asleep. 

The findings were found true in a Japanese surveyinvolving elderly participants. In the study, a combination of regular milk anddairy product consumption, and high physical activity were reported to improvesleep quality. The study emphasized the need for physical activity in additionto regular intake of milk and dairy products to sleep well. 

The sleep-inducing properties of milk are attributedto the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components present in milk and otherdairy products.

The Bottom Line 

The study suggests that milk and other dairyproducts in combination with physical activity are helpful in improving sleepquality. However, quality of milk is an important determinant when it comes tobenefits of milk. Binsar Farms is one of those rare milk producers who havetheir own cow farms where they have an automatic system to produce and packagemilk to ensure the customers get 100% natural and 100% pure milk and otherdairy products.  

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