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How is an automatic milking system a win-win situation for all involved?

Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Founders with a vision

Among the major advancements in the dairy industry over the last decades, automatic milking systems (AMS) and automatic milking rotary (AMR) parlors have emerged as revolutionary technologies. These technological advents are significant in the view that they offer the potential for frequent milking events with minimum human resource requirements while ensuring optimum hygiene standards. 


First installed in 1992 in the Netherlands, there were around 8,000 farms with AMS by 2009. The increased popularity of AMS is attributed to a host of benefits including huge cost reduction and managing multiple milking events per day, with more being discussed below:

  1. According to studies, cows that are milked more frequently during early lactation through parlor milking systems produce increased milk.
  2. AMS allows the farm manager to better adjust to changing milking frequency, especially at specific stages of lactation without the need for additional manpower.
  3. Automatic sensors installed in parlors can better monitor vitals like milk production, udder health, feed intake, and reproductive status among others.
  4. The ability of milk parlors  to adjust the milking frequency during different stages of lactation is beneficial for both production and cow health.
  5. AMS also helps deliver the requisite quantity of palatable feed to lactating livestock during a  successful milking event. 
  6. It also allows the farm manager to supplement a particular cow to support her stage of lactation, body condition, or anticipated milk yield. 
  7. Most importantly, AMS allows minimum human contact, thereby reducing the risk of contamination and improving the milk quality.

At Binsar Farms, we understand the importance of automatic milking systems. Therefore, we have at our farms an automated “Milk Parlor” where milk never sees light or gets in touch with the environment. It lands directly in Bulk Milk Chiller where it is chilled immediately at 4°C and pasteurized at an appropriate temperature of around 73°C so that good bacteria are not killed and the milk proteins are not lost during the process. All this leads to A+ grade milk quality which always contains less than 50000 CFU/ml(Colony forming units of bacteria). Thereafter, this 100% Natural and 100% Pure milk is packed in a hygienic environment and supplied directly to the home(D2H) under a strict cold chain.,choose%20when%20to%20be%20milked

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