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Empower to be empowered- A Binsar take!

Srikanth Thakkolam
Tuesday, September 25, 2018
Founders with a vision

Women empowerment is a highly discussed topic on every medium. Though Urban India sees this as an age-old topic, women in rural India are still exploring possibilities to come out of their house & contribute to the development of their society around.

Empowering women is empowering the organisation. The story of women at Binsar is unique where the roles they have geared up for is daunting even for men.

Modern Dairy is mostly dominated by men. Activities like feeding & breeding of cows, milking & processing, last mile logistics are seen as men’s job. Though dairying at household level is traditionally handled by women in rural India, modern dairies are yet to see the power of empowering women.

Binsar Farms produces Farm fresh milk and freshness of the milk is very much a result of hygiene practices followed at the farm. Women understand hygiene better than men, so it becomes a natural equation to have them look after it.

Suman, Karishma, Afsana & Shehnaaz are 4 ladies who look after bottle recycling. They are from nearby village of Haryana & understand the importance of Hygiene. In their words, “We understand that the milk reaches homes where children consume it every day. So we do our work with love so that our consumers can appreciate the milk” These words come naturally to every woman who takes up the role in maintaining bottle hygiene.

On the other end of the value chain is our last mile logistics. The goodness of the product is appreciated only when it reaches the consumers in its original form. One of our Hub Manager Ms. Hema plays a challenging role so seamlessly that it sends out a message to everyone in the organisation. Her role in communicating the value to the riders ensure our customers get what they expect.

Empowering them has empowered the organisation!

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