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Can you trace back your milk source? Know why’s it important?

Tuesday, November 29, 2022
Founders with a vision

Trace ability at milk farms is important to define the quality of milk as it allows the customer to trace the movement of milk and its products from production to consumption. It is significant in the view that transparency across the process starting from the processing plant to the distribution of each bottle/pack to the market or the end consumer assures the consumer of the safety and health quotient of the product. Further, it enables the consumer to make an informed decision.

Why is traceability important in the dairy industry?

The high nutrient content in milk and dairy products provides a favorable growth environment for the microorganisms responsible for the contamination of milk, which in turn may lead to many health problems in humans. In addition, milk and dairy products are also vulnerable to containing chemicals like pesticides and others, possibly due to exposure to animal feedstuffs, animal husbandry, poor industry practices, as well as the environment.

How does Binsar Farms ensure traceability?

At Binsar Farms, we have adopted a continuous system of both preventive and reactive measures, ranging from producing on-farm fodder to applying good hygiene practices and food safety management systems to ensure optimum food safety. 

We are one of a handful of dairy farms in India that rears its high-breed milk allowing us to produce 100% Natural 100% Pure milk and dairy products at our own controlled farms. We do not involve any middleman or collection of milk from multiple unregulated sources, to avoid contamination and loss of hygiene. We also deliver direct to home using our own dedicated supply chain. This leads  to enhanced food safety, preserves nutrition and reduced wastage.

Further, Binsar Farms allows complete traceability of milk and its products from production to consumption. Everything is traceable back to the source in such a transparent manner that the consumer is assured of a safe and healthy product. We also encourage our customers to visit our farms to ensure they can actually see and believe what we say.



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