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Building partners in vision

Srikanth Thakkolam
Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Founders with a vision

When we are among a group of people who share the same vision, they become partners of that vision. They start shedding the roles as employees, vendors, distributors, riders & transform into an element of change. At Binsar we call them Binsar Leaders.

In these 7 years, Binsar was able to build many such leaders outside and inside the organisation. They envision a change & decide to lead that change. A person with strong technical background or industry experience need not necessarily echo a voice of a leader; Anyone who owns his/her responsibility is a leader.

One such story of a leader is of Chunchun’s; he has been with Binsar Farms since inception and he looks into cow feeding & calf rearing. Do not mistake him as a professional; he comes from a poor family from the nearby village with no formal education. He earned his livelihood by committing to his responsibilities. He understands each and every cow as we understands our friends & family. His story inspired many others at the farm to understand commitment and lead a change.

Our journey into farming encouraged many professionals join us to realise their dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Today there are more 5 entrepreneurs with whom we have collaborated. We may be divided by different brand names but are united by a single value. To deliver good quality milk to the consumers.

One organisation cannot realise the grand vision of Transforming farming, we need to collaborate & nurture the aspirations. Binsar Farms decided to set an example by being open to share our learning. We collaborated with Consultants & conceptualised workshops on Dairy Farming entrepreneurship.

Until now, we have conducted 60+ workshops for more than 300 would be entrepreneurs. As a part of one day workshop, we give them a snapshot of entire farming business, it includes investments, challenges, turnovers and of course a full farm trip of Binsar Farms.

With collaboration, we grow strong!

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