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Binsar Farms Banks on Customer’s TRUST to stay motivated!

Sunday, November 20, 2022
Founders with a vision

I have been using Binsar milk for the last two years. Let me tell you that taste and quality of the milk are the same as it was two years ago. And, this is the best milk that I have ever used…”

These kind words from Mrs. Shekhar from Noida are the best reward we expect for all the hard work and dedication we put in to offer our clients 100% Natural 100%Pure milk and other dairy products.

Like Mrs. Shekhar we have a book of happy customers who trust us for quality standards. And, you might not believe some of them have even visited our farms in Sonepat, Haryana to see and believe in our vision and thought process.

Tarun, for instance, who is a resident of Noida and the father of a one-year-old girl suggests why trusts Binsar. 

Actually I will call myself with no taste buds but then I could tell a stark difference that use(d) for my cup of tea and what Binsar milk tasted like. From that day onwards I was very in my head that I wanted to use Binsar which is a sure shot product that I can TRUST for the quality of products they are providing,” says Tarun. 

As testified by Tarun’s quote, Binsar Farms rides on the trust of its customers, which is attributed to our ability to fulfill our obligations and meet customer expectations. 

We follow two basic principles to win and maintain customer trust:

Transparency: We use traceability as an important tool to ensure transparency. At our farms located in the natural dwellings of Sonepat, our customers can trace the movement of milk and its products from production to consumption.

Consistency: As our customers testify, we haven’t compromised the quality of our products since the start of operations. We have been able to make it possible by paying due diligence to even minute details. 

From rearing our high-breed cows in a natural ecosystem, feeding them green and organic round the year, and their regular health check-ups to adopting the automatic and contactless system for milking and processing, we have left no stone unturned to ensure we meet our commitment of delivering 100% natural 100%pure milk and other dairy products. 

You can visit our website to more about our products and quality standards.


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