Every Sip of our Farm Fresh Cow Milk is full of Nutrition !

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Natural Milk Products

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Upasana Shah

Noida, India

I had few glitches with delivery in my trial period. After the regular supply started, delivery has been top notch. Quality of milk is by far the best product I’ve used in the market. You also get excellent cream. 5 stars, highly recommended to any house hold. My family is very happy with the taste and batch consistency.
One suggestion: please start supplying 500 ml bottles as well.

Sneha Mane

Gurugram, India

Binsar milk is complete nutritious milk...Highly recommended... Hassle free milk delivery... Truly professionals...

Palak Abrol

New Delhi, India

Binsar Cow Milk has provided best services till date. Its not just quality of milk, its all about best services they provide. Milk has all that has been promised purity, hygiene and richness of all minerals found in cow milk. Never tested it in lab but since I have been using Binsar Cow Milk I have experienced health and well being. First day was awesome as after a long time I tasted milk as before I was using plastic packed milk which I think is 80 percent adulterated. If I have to rate them, they are 10/10.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is raw milk safe for consumption?

The raw milk is not safe for consumption. Unless and until the cows are healthy and the environment in which the milk is produced and handled till it reaches the consumer is free from any contamination. It is always advisable to drink pasteurized milk or boiled milk.

2. Is Binsar Farms’ milk pasteurised?

Yes, it is pasteurised and ready to drink milk. You do not have to boil it again once you receive the milk bottle.

3. What is pasteurisation?

Pasteurisation is a process of treating the milk with heat at a temperature of 72 degree Celsius & cooling the milk down to 4 degree Celsius.

4. Where can we get the milk?

Milk is delivered at your doorstep once we receive your request. You can call us at +91 9911 188 144 to subscribe.

5. What would be the packaging of the milk?

Milk is supplied in glass bottles. It is best way to protect the fresh taste and quality of the milk as glass doesn’t react with milk.

6. How do you recycle the bottles?

We follow a 5 step process to clean the bottles using semi automatic machine.
            1. Food grade Detergent wash to clean milk residues.
            2. Caustic soda bath
            3. 60-degree hot water bath
            4. Bleaching
            5. RO water bath

7. What is the fat % of the milk?

Cow milk’s natural composition varies anywhere between 3.8 to 4.2 %. As we do not add or remove fat, you will observe this variations according to the season.

8. Where is the farm located?

Our farm is located at Janti Khurd village, Sonepat. It is a 5 km drive from Singhu border. You can use Google Maps to locate us.

Go Farm Fresh Milk

At Binsar Farms, we believe in the importance of Nutrition & Safety of farm fresh milk.

As an Indo-New Zealand venture, we inherit traditional practices & International standards to produce best quality milk for our consumers.

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